Education Call Center – Outsourcing Attracts More Students, More Attention

So many places of higher education, including colleges, universities, trade and vocation schools have chosen to outsource their overflow and after hours calls to an education call center service. This is being done for good reason. Doing so makes economic sense. Experienced call support vendors can handle a variety of important tasks without the big expense of adding on to the school’s payroll and telecommunication equipment expenses. An education call center service can successfully manage both inbound and outbound calls on an overflow, part-time or full-time basis, 24/7, 365-days a year.US-based education call centers provide robust support that can seamlessly blend in to the routine operations for your school’s various business offices. Because US-based vendors are staffed by workers familiar with the language and culture of colleges and trade schools, agents can quickly navigate the information they need to convey to callers. Education call centers can answer calls and route messages relating to admissions, financial aid, bursar issues, programs and departments, counseling, campus medical clinics, and more. Colleges, alternative education programs, adult degree programs and trade schools all take advantage of the fast call processing capabilities of professional education call centers.An education call center service is frequently used by admissions departments since they can perform telemarketing support or take incoming calls to record responses of a marketing effort launched via print, direct mail or TV. In addition, vendors document their call results. This allows education institution to better manage their call efforts and expenses. More importantly, they can see how their results in increase enrollment. They are able to better determine what’s working better, their print ad campaign versus their direct mail program, or maybe their TV spot.Other huge benefits to having an education call center include the space savings and the knowledge that their equipment is backed by a customer service and IT department, which results in more savings and less worries. Maybe there is going to be a special event on campus. Jim Kramer host of CNBC’s Mad Money is making an appearance and the phones are ringing off the hook. Or maybe there’s an art exhibit or a concert event. Who’s going to handle all those incoming calls? An education call center service can successfully manage that and the institution benefits when a well skilled and courteous operator answers their questions, no matter what time or day it is.

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